This Woman’s Honor Code


I promise to:

LOVE something about me as I greet the mirror each morning. My curves, my creases, even my scars, are beautiful; they are mine.

Because I, this woman, am worthy.


CONDUCT myself like the regal queen that I am. My value comes not from the mall or the media or my mane or a man, but from my Maker.

Because I, this woman, am worthy.


RESPECT my body and mind, fueling both with faith, food and food for thought. No raised hand may enter my space, unless it’s asking for help or praising His name.

Because I, this woman, am worthy.


ENCOURAGE or compliment someone on my path today. I refuse to let my tongue sink ships and unleash harm when I can raise hope and shine light instead.

Because I, this woman, am worthy.


SPEAK UP as a lone voice or en masse. If it’s worth speaking, it’s worth hearing. “Statement” will not apply solely to my jewelry or my bills.

Because I, this woman, am worthy.


PURSUE and LIVE my dream, no one else’s. God designed it for His will and me alone.
And when that Great Day dawns, I, with knee bent and head bowed, will humbly offer my dream back to Him – exhausted, twisted, stretched, used up, wrung out, shared, threadbare, tilled over, mended, retreaded, stripped to the bone and slurped up to the final swallow. Why?

Because I, this woman, am worthy!


Pamela Thompson Smith © 2014

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